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Boat Stacker Crane System

The boat stacking crane at Niantic Bay BoatHouse  is an efficient way to optimally manage this storing and launching your boat. Enabling maximum ease and efficiency, we can vertically stack your boat and unload it when you’re ready to launch or if it requires servicing.

We have a state-of-the-art stacker crane with capability of handing boats up to 32 feet in length and up to 15,000 lbs in weight. The crane allows the operator to remain at eye level with the boat, providing a much easier and safer load and unload than the traditional forklift method.


  • Boats to 32' - 15,000 lbs

  • Safer for Drivers as Operator rides up with the boat at eye-level with boat rack - even at 50' in the air

  • Boat damage by forklifts eliminated.

  • Eliminates "Diesel Dust" from powered marine forklifts

  • More efficient launch times

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