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About Niantic Bay Boathouse

Niantic Bay Boathouse is a 180 Boat Dry-Stack Marina with a unique Stacker Crane Operation. The Stacker Crane handles and moves the boats from the water to the boat racks. They consist of 180 Boat Racks in a 5-High and a 4-High boat rack grid inside a 28,800 sf boat storage building. The boats are launched with two (2) hydraulic boat launchers mounted on the docks. 18 floating day-docks are available for customer's use daily or overnight.

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The Marina is situated on a 3.9 acres.  Recent improvements on include the boat storage building, ships store, service department, and 10 - 50' docks for boat launching and staging. 



The adjacent 10.62 acre Land Parcel was purchased in 2022. Niantic Bay Boathouse has plans to develop a new 180' fuel dock, Winter Boat Storage for an additional 120 large vessels, re-opening an existing Cafe and development of a Bed-n-Breakfast in the existing 4,400 sf House.

Superior Location


Niantic Bay Boathouse enjoys a competitive advantage as the closest marina to the open water of Long Island Sound. This is a favored location for Fishermen and Cruisers.

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